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We demand that every child in West Contra Costa Unified School District has a permanent and qualified teacher in every classroom by the start of the next school year 2018-2019. In 2018 alone West Contra Costa data shows that 200-250 teachers leave our district due to the lack of resources they have to support their students. Over the past 4 years SFER has been organizing students who have been directly impacted by WCC’s broken system. We are directly addressing this crisis by demanding that the State and WCC work together to recruit, hire, and permanently place quality educators in each classroom.  

Most professions receive rigorous professional development AND consistent support. Why is it that our teachers in WCCUSD do not receive the same?


Join us as we deliver the collected signatures to West Contra Costa Unified School Board this October 2018!


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By signing this petition you are telling the WCCUSD board to provide a high quality hiring process, the increase of effective professional development, and a well developed mentoring program for new teachers as extra support!


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