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Celine chadwick

SFER Member Featured in the LA Daily News

Students want what is fundamentally and constitutionally owed to us: an equal access to a high-quality K-12 education that provide students with a pathway to college.

Celine chadwick

Tell LAUSD to Raise Graduation Standards to Support College Access

LAUSD students are being limited in their opportunities for mobility because their high school diplomas lead them to jobs at local retail stores, and fast food services, rather than thriving at universities.

Desiree Martinez

Dear High School Teacher Who Tried To Discourage Me From Applying To UCLA, I’m A Bruin Now!

Despite your discouragement and dissuasion, here I am.

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Jonathan Hebert

Gente De Boyle Heights: Rise and Stand for Your Community

On the outside, non-native Angelenos see Boyle Heights as a cultural war zone where residents are fighting for their lives. 

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