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MPS Budget Petition

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We demand the Minneapolis Public School Board reverse Director Gagnon's $6.4 million budget resolution that gives more money to rich schools -- putting students from the wealthiest parts of the city first, and risking the financial health of the district.

Last fall, Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) faced a $33 million budget gap for the 2018-19 school year. The district had difficult decisions to make to get their budget back on track, and many schools lost funds as a result. Washburn High School, which has the least poverty of any high school in Minneapolis, was among those impacted -- but their mostly white and wealthy community got upset and demanded MPS give their funds back.

In response, MPS school board director, Rebecca Gagnon, introduced the Washburn community's resolution to redistribute $6.4 million back to a total of 16 schools -- with the wealthiest parts of the district (themselves included), receiving the most. On April 10th, the resolution passed by a 5-4 vote with the support of school board directors Rebecca Gagnon, Kerry Jo Felder, Bob Walser, Ira Jourdain and Siad Ali.

We cannot let this stand! MPS must reverse this budget resolution because:

  1. it hurts students of color and/or low income families,
  2. it's a quick fix for a much larger problem, and
  3. it proves that white, wealthy families can fight for luxuries and get what they want, while the rest of us fight for necessities and only get crumbs.

Add your name below then join us on May 8th at the Minneapolis Public School's Board Meeting as we deliver our petition and raise our voices on this injustice during public comment!

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