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Race. Family income. Zip code. These are the factors that always have, and continue to, determine how much opportunity students get in Minneapolis Public Schools. For example, every student at Southwest High School could take at least 2 advanced courses, and there would still be room for students to take more, while there aren't even enough seats available for every student at North High School to take 1 advanced course. This can no longer be tolerated. We ALL deserve an education worthy of our brilliance.

Right now, MPS is taking a step back to rethink how their resources are distributed across the district. We need to make sure our voices are heard during this process! Let's tell the school board to stop letting factors students can't control determine their future. Join our #ProjectEquity fight to get every student's limitless potential supported in K-12!

Sign our petition to demand:

  • The student population of advanced courses reflects the diversity of the school
  • Equal access to courses across the district
  • Consistent facilities and facilities management across the district
  • Teachers and staff believe in the success of ALL students
  • Every student be on track with reading by 3rd grade


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