LAUSD College Access: Believe in Us Summit - SFER

Do You Believe In Us?
College Access Campaign Town Hall

When over 70% of LA students want to go to college, but our schools only support 1 in 10 of us to get there, you have to wonder….

Does LAUSD really believe in all of us?

The wealthiest kids in our city have access to the best schools, and are gaming the system to bribe their way in to top universities like USC. We’re demanding college access for kids from LAUSD. Kids that are working hard, but whose parents can’t pay a bribe to get them in to college.

LAUSD has the privilege of teaching over half a million students of color. If they believed in the potential of all of us, they’d raise graduation standards to support college access for all of us. Learn more about how low graduation standards are holding students like us down.

We deserve better. Join us in asking LAUSD: “Do you believe in us?” at our Student Town Hall on Saturday, May 11th!


May 11, 2019 at 10am - 2pm


1820 Industrial St Los Angeles, CA 90021


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