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The limitless potential of every child. And that public schools have the power to transform lives and whole communities. Especially when recent k-12 graduates are at the table. We fight for public schools that are safe, academically challenging, and inspire every child to reach their fullest potential—regardless of race, income or background. We don't care what type of school it is—traditional, magnet, charter, pilot—as long as it works. But educational justice cannot be achieved unless students, parents and community members show up and show out. SFER members share undeniable stories and experiences of overcoming educational inequity in order to support policies and hold elected officials accountable to solutions that disrupt the status quo with the same intensity and regularity with which our current education system disrupts the futures of millions of children of color and poor children.

Learn more about our beliefs, America's long history of unequal access to great schools, and what students are doing to improve education for their family and friends still in the K-12 system.


Brenda Contreras

I know first hand how urgent it is for us to fix our broken educational system in Richmond, CA. This is why I feel that it is my responsibility as a former student in Richmond public schools to make sure my neighbors receive an education that prepares them for higher education.


Martin Capuchino

SFER found me. I was so lost freshman year. I got involved with clubs that were wasting my time, and if it weren't for SFER I don't know where I would be. SFER sparked my interest not only in education reform but in national politics. I now know that I have the tools to succeed.


Bokar Diaby

I was placed in ESL classes from grades k-8 even though I continuously passed the ESL English speaking exam. My mom, a single mother and African immigrant, couldn't relate to my struggles in school. I can't assume that others will fight for this cause, so I will.


With these #KnowYourTruth graphics, we are celebrating the long history of communities of color who have organized better school options for their kids, and are exposing the systematic racism that still exists in the public education system today.

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As the first in their families to make it to college, first-generation college students' experiences in k-12 and college are good indicators of how healthy our public school system is. But their voices are rarely included in discussions about education—until now. Hear from students about how their schools did and did not prepare them for college.

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