We are a Nationwide Base of College Students

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If you believe that…

  • Schools systems should spend public dollars on improving instruction and effective practices that raise student achievement,
  • All students deserve effective teachers and leaders who help them get ready for college,
  • Parents and students should be able to select functional schools that enable students to become active, informed citizens, and,
  • College students are the most recent graduates of the K-12 public schools, and we must organize in our communities in order to bring about the changes needed for more of our peers to be able to pursue college…

Then join us! Contact our Membership Associate, Cameron Mussar, to talk about how you can start a chapter. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Students for Education Reform is the only national nonprofit supporting college students who are organizing for education reform. We believe that all children deserve access to great teachers and leaders, a rigorous curriculum, and a joyful learning environment in a system that develops and supports high-quality instruction and values students’ achievement. With your support, we can support SFER’s work in more places across the country, and empower more young leaders to improve education in their communities.