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Trump is expected to end DACA: Here’s what you need to know


10 Republican State Attorney Generals threatened to sue the Trump Administration if DACA is not repealed by this Tuesday (September 5th). Sources are reporting that Trump is likely to take action anytime against DACA. We recognize that many of our members may be affected by the removal of DACA status. Here are some things to know about what is going on, and what you can do about it:

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a program that protects 800,000 Dreamers - immigrant youth who arrived unauthorized in the United States as children.
Many of these protected people are students. Many of them are DREAMERS seeking higher education to achieve their full brilliant potential. Others have received work permits to be productive and passionate participants in the American economy, paying taxes and supporting their families. They’re not the criminals that the white supremacist Trump agenda makes them out to be. Get to know who DACA recipients really are.

If the administration is sued over DACA, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unlikely to defend it.
No one really knows how this will play out. We’ve got to be ready for all scenarios; but if Trump takes no Executive Action it is likely that DACA will be challenged in the courts where it’s fate is uncertain.

Deportation threat increases dramatically with DACA removal
DACA recipients have provided a lot of identifying information to the government in order to receive their employment authorization. This means they are easily tracked down and detained if the administration chooses to go this route.

What are my rights, and the rights of my DACA recipient friends and family?
Follow this link for information on your rights from the long standing immigrant rights group United We Dream. Your college campus may also have resources for undocumented students, like this one from Berkeley. Do a quick google search for [Your School] + undocumented students.

You can take action to fight back.
Next Tuesday Sept. 5th at 6:30 EST we are hosting an emergency call to discuss action steps. We want to hear from you. Bring what you know about any planned events + ideas you have for action, and we’ll brainstorm ways to organize in your city.

We’re connecting activists to local actions in their communities. Hit us up here and a local organizer will help connect you to actions in your area.

We can’t imagine how you’re feeling—but know that we’re here with you.
We know that many of our student members have friends and family who are affected by this issue. We’re using our position and privilege as an org to stand in solidarity with so many students who are forced to live in fear. We understand and acknowledge that it is unsafe for some to speak up—many of whom are SFER members—and we are standing in solidarity with those who are choosing to stay quiet to secure the safety of themselves and their families.

Young people, many of whom have spent their entire lives in this country, aren’t the criminals. You’re not an illegal or an alien. You have an undeniable story to tell and deserve a pathway to citizenship that recognizes your personhood, contributions, and limitless potential. Who are the real criminals? The Attorney Generals who are calling to end DACA, who are feeding anti-immigrant messages to their base. These are the individuals who should be detained and deported for human rights violations, and we will do everything in our power to put them on blast and expose their Anti-American sentiments for what it is—prejudice and fear.

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