Recap: SFER's DACA Emergency Call - SFER

Recap: SFER's DACA Emergency Call

SFER members and alum from around the country came together to share resources and strategize in response to the Trump White House's decision to repeal DACA. 

Our goal for the call was to 1) Reaffirm our commitment to DACA and undocumented students; 2) Share the information we had about how to fight for DACA; 3) Brainstorm how we can support each other in our local responses.

Here were some of the highlights:

Alexis Morin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of SFER, kicked us off with an inspiring message:

"Our mission is to develop organizing skills among college students so you can fight for educational justice in your cities. This decision to repeal DACA is an imminent threat to educational justice in our communities; we know that you have skills, tools, and the resolve to resist it. That’s why we wanted to create this call as a space to come together and brainstorm."

SFER California alumna and DACA-recipient said:

"I’m a DREAMer and an alumna of SFER...I’ve had a long week at work, I woke up and this just happened. I’m still trying to think of how to react. Every DREAMer is in the same place - we’re trying to be OK. ...My friends are emailing and texting me asking what’s going to happen. I don’t have the answers at this moment. DREAMers have been prepared for it but we’re still in shock."

SFER North Carolina member and DACA-recipient added:

"I’ve been talking to activist friends who’ve worked on immigration about planning direct actions that are extreme. It’s no longer 'we need to stop them from taking DACA away', at this point DACA is gone and we have to be drastic. ...So many friends who are DACAmented have messaged me today asking: what does SFER have planned? Are we doing any sit-ins, walkouts, extreme actions that will draw the attention of Congress and elected officials?"

Here are the next steps we came up with:

If you’re planning on joining a local action/walkout/sit-in please...

1) Take video/pictures and/or use the live video feature on Facebook/Instagram for the event and tag SFER in your post so that we can reshare it with our social networks.

1a) Use hashtags that will help you connect with other immigration activists/supporters
      • #HereToStay
      • #DACA
      • #DreamAct
      • #DefendDACA
      • #EducationNotDeportation

2) Let a staff member (your local staff organizer or Blake at know ahead of time so that we can try and connect you with a reporter or news outlet covering the event.

If you’re thinking about planning your own local action/walkout/sit-in please…

1) Let a staff member (your local staff organizer or Blake at know. Our team can help you…

    • Get a permit (if needed) for the event
    • Create flyers or simple graphics to advertise the event
    • Turn out supporters to the event
    • Help garner media for the event

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